Join us on our journey to making this ugly-split level a home that we can learn to love, one DIY project at a time.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Back Bathroom


the back bathroom

months earlier...
As you can see above, there was brown carpet in this bathroom.  Carpet! In a bathroom?  I shutter to think what was lurking in the confines of that rug ...AND as you cannot see, the toilet leaked buckets into the basement every time we flushed it...THAT needed to be dealt with.  We replaced the toilet asap!  To a toilet that looked exactly the same...just cleaner.

First things first!  We replaced the floor.  It's not the best looking floor, but remember that we are thrifty and this was the best looking option for what we could afford.  :):):)
Next, we threw a 20 dollar mirror and 25 dollar light fixture on the wall.
Boom!  Now you can see yourself in the light!  (Maybe not such a good thing too early in the morning?) 

Below is the sink.  We decided to salvage the faucet, bowl, and cabinet to save money.  We did, however, replace the Formica...which was extremely cheap and EASY!  We bought a sheet of granite-like Formica from the hardware store for about 10 bucks (The perks of having a tiny sink), cut it to fit, and glued that sucker on.  And we even had enough to spare to splurge on two sheets of tile back splash, which in small quantities are also VERY inexpensive, and two aged bronze knobs for the cabinet. 

Slap some paint on the walls, trim, and cabinet...throw in some inexpensive accessories and you've got yourself one nifty, thrifty master bathroom.

Approximation of Costs:
light fixture: $25 (Wmart)
mirror: $20 (Wmart)
tile back splash: $10 (Menards)
Formica counter: $10 (Menards)
paint: $15 (Menards)
flooring: $10 (Menards)
accessories (shelf, baskets, etc.): $70 (Wmart, Target, Hobby Lobby)
Total:  $160

The original sin

This is my home....



I inherited it when I married my husband, Dan, in all its 1970's glory.  Now if you dig this style... look away from here on out...because we were not kind to any of the original details...

Now with that being said and shown, I do have to mention a saving grace for this home:
All the beautiful trees!  The house is wonderfully tucked away behind these giant pines!!

 Due to disease...They had to go.
But we do have this view from our front door.....(It's a lake)

Now, I am SO thankful to have a warm home when many do not, a place to live and grow in with our son, William.  And dare I say I've grown rather fond of my ugly split-level.  The term 'ugly' has become a sort of private joke between the old place and I, and I use it as a term of endearment.   After all, my son was born here.  My husband proposed to me on the other side of that lake.  We've celebrated holiday after holiday with family and friends right her within these walls.  This house tells our story- and it's a good one.
BUT that does not mean that I cannot make this place the cozy and charming cottage that I've always pictured myself living in.  With a little elbow grease, thrifty imagination, and pixie dust I think we can find ways to turn the negatives of this house into positives.