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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Pin it Button

I finally have a Pin it button! If you hover over any image, you can Pin it to your Pinterest account. I know this isn't a big deal, but it took me two hours to figure this out. I am a CHAMP! That is all :)

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Happy Halloween!

A Hellige House Halloween!  I was lacking in funds this Halloween so I painted an old thrifted canvas with chalk board paint, bought a few pumpkins, wrapped a mason jar in burlap and construction paper, and filled the jar with sticks from the tree in my yard and attached construction paper bats.  The Spooky banner is printed letters from my computer pasted on pages from a thrifted book.  The pinecones are from the yard. All together this cost me less than 10 dollars.

Bats cut from construction paper glued to sticks from my yard!  Cheap!

And...Happy Halloween from William!

The Living Room

Well the living room was not too much of an upgrade...Really just furniture, flooring, and paint.  It does make a difference though! We did all the handy work ourselves.  For the floor we chose a laminate faux wood that was on clearance.  After it was all said and done the floor cost us about 125 bucks (to run it through the living room and hall).  It was easy and cheap and it ALMOST looks like real wood, which is good enough for me! A before picture:
After I got my paws on it:  Most of my accessories came from TJ Maxx.  Frames, lamps, and pillows are all from there.  Curtains were Target. This is my first living room arrangement.  I wanted to have a photo grouping so I put my couch on the wall meant for the TV.  Didn't love where the TV was placed then (on the other side with the back facing the railing).

The chair below was a garage sale find for 25 bucks.  It's been well loved, but the color matches and it's cushy.

This is kind of a part of the living room.  It's that awkward space at the top of the stairs.  (Split-level owners you will know what I mean!)  I found this little stand-thing at Gordmans.  It was on clearance for 65 dollars!  I don't usually love that place, but they do have odd sized furniture that is perfect for small spaces. 

Here are some updated photos of the living room after a few DIY projects which include a fireplace, a framed TV, and a recovered arm chair (tutorials and links to come).
We also bought a new couch and overstuffed chair!!!  From Ne Furniture Mart at the Mrs. B's warehouse.  Never underestimate the deals in that place!  We got the couch, the chair, and a huge ottoman (which we are selling to help pay for the furniture)  All for 499!!  It was marked down because of some pilling on the ottoman, but never fear because I am NOT afraid of shaving that thing!