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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Couch Love

We recently purchased a new couch, ottoman, and oversized chair.  We are loving it! And it was a thrifty find!  This couch was purchased at Nebraska Furniture Mart, a huge and expensive (in my opinion) furniture store spread through multiple warehouse sized buildings on at least an acre of land.  There is a food in this place for crying out loud! 

We could never dream to afford anything at this place when it comes to furniture, but thankfully there is a clearance warehouse on the property.  That is always our target destination when we visit this furniture candy land.

The set we found cost us 499 dollars!  You can't find that kind of a deal even on Craigslist! 
We found this same set on their website for about 1800 dollars! -Which means we saved about 1300 dollars!  Woot!

Plus it came with all of these pillows!  And pillows are NOT cheap.  Trust me I know- I have a pillow addiction.  It only pales in comparison to my lamp addiction, but that is another story for another time.

And the reason for the amazing discount:  pilling.

There was some pilling on the ottoman and  along the edges of the couch.

Luckily though with some inexpensive tools:

We took care of that.

After shaving the couch and brushing it with the toothbrush it looks like a new beauty!  Will it pill again?  Probably, but that is okay with me because it is gorgeous and cheap!  I am not afraid to shave again! :)


  1. I love your house! I HATE my split entry home but your pictures make me think I could love it! I haven't noticed anything for your downstairs area. Have you remodeled that yet?

    1. Thank you! You can love it! We finished the basement and closed it off from the downstairs entry with a french door. There is not much down there yet, just some work out equipment so I have been hesitant to upload pics, but maybe I will soon. Just need to get motivated to clean it up first! :)

  2. Great find! Never thought of shaving off pulling, just had an enlightment.

  3. Love your blog! You have wonderful ideas. What brand of furniture was this?

  4. We are renovating a split level and love your blog. And nfm is one of my favorite stores!!!