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Thursday, May 8, 2014

DIY Recovered Chair

DIY Recovered Chair
I have so many new projects to post and I don't know where to begin!  I found these chairs on Craigslist for 15 dollars for the pair and I immediately loved them.  However...I don't really have room for extra chairs in my teeny tiny cracker box of a house.  But I will get to that later.

Anyway this is the chair I found:
 The first thing I did was find a place where I could pry the fabric apart using my handy-dandy screw driver....You thought I was going to say notebook, didn't you?
 Then I took most of the fabric off.  I LOATHE reupholstering so I was lazy and I only took half the fabric off.  I figured I'd just cover the rest up by stretching and stapling. 
 Then I lightly sanded the existing finished and slathered on white paint.  I planned on making it shabby so I didn't worry about too much prep work.  (I love this trend because it makes my laziness okay!)

Then I sanded in all the cracks. hehe.

 Then I recovered the chairs with a clearance fabric I bought.  Basically I stretched and stapled the fabric to the bottom and then to create the back piece  All , I followed, in reverse, the way I had to take it apart.  I am horrible about taking process pictures, but I promise I'll get better.  Besides, it wasn't a very poetic process.  It was make the makeshift half-assery that makes all of my projects doable for me.  The final pieces were hot glued for goodness sake.  :)  All in all it cost me about 40 dollars.  Tada:
I ended up keeping these in that awkward space between my living room and dining room and I pull them out when we have guests over for dinner.  It is nice not to have to bring up camp chairs!


  1. So cute! Love your decorating style. Moving to a split level next month and am excited to get my hands on it! Loving your hydrangeas and vases. Where do you buy your greenery and vases?

  2. Thank you! I get them here and there- some from thrift stores and others from either TJ Maxx or Gordmans. The greenery and flowers are all from Hobby Lobby- its pretty affordable when they have their flowers 50 percent off. I try to choose things that aren't too bright so that they don't look fake. Sometimes I'll even strip off the levaves of the flowers I buy if I think they look too fake. The sprigs of tiny white flowers I have in several places come with these plastic green leaves from HL and I pull all of those off so that they are just white and brown.

  3. Love your home! Where did you find your woven bench with pillows?

    1. Thank you Gretchen! Those were a deal from TJ Maxx. The brand is Ralph Lauren though. I love them!