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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Kitchen Update

New Rug
We bought a new rug!  I've been looking for a striped rug for months!  Finally found one at TJ Maxx for under 20 dollars!


  1. OMG, your kitchen is to die for. Our kitchens look about the same size and I never thought I could fit my mobile island AND a hutch in there, but gosh your's looks so dang cute!! Do you find it's tight quarters?? That hutch is to die for by the way!! I love it to pieces :)

  2. Thank you! I got that thing in high school (and I didn't really even realize how much I would love it). My mom bought it for me at an auction when Rod Cush went out of business. It was around 300 bucks and I just remember shrugging and thinking: "yeah it's nice..." I was so not into decorating at that point, but I am SO grateful she bought it for me because I LOVE it and I know I could never afford something like that without a lot of saving (which I am just not good at doing)! It is not tight for me, but I am average size. My husband however, disagrees. He is a tall, larger guy and he complains sometimes about it if there is more than one person working in there. But honestly I like it when I am cooking because I can reach everything and all I have to do is turn around to reach for something on the island or bend down to put something in the dishwasher. I think when we didn't have all of these things in our kitchen, we just wasted a lot of space because we didn't use it except for walking to other rooms. I also love things to be cozy and close! And I have an issue with filling blank space. I do not like blank space in my house. Haha :) Hope that helps!

  3. What is the color of your kitchen walls???

    1. Moonshot. We got it from Ace Hardware. We had it darkened 10 percent.

  4. We moved in to an ugly split level about a year ago and it looks identical to yours. This has convinced me that we need to get rid of our wrap around counter that cuts the kitchen and living room in half and open it up. Time to start saving the pennies for that one. I don't know that we could do that on our own.