Join us on our journey to making this ugly-split level a home that we can learn to love, one DIY project at a time.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom: A Work in Progress!

I wish my camera could capture the way the sun glows golden through the windows in this room.  It is one of the reasons I have not touched the paint or the awful gold curtains.  The way the light shines in off the lake is amazing.  I worry that if I change any colors or add any, I will lose that.

With that being said I have not done much to this room at all, aside from carpet, which already needs replacing unfortunately.  I am honestly only showing it because I had a request.  Once I get down to business, I will get something posted.  Until then!

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Dining Room. Finally.

Well, it was the last room I focused on because I thought I could never afford a new dining table...but with my new obsession with building furniture, we were able to build a rustic farm table for only 100-ish dollars!  I already had the black chairs, which went with an ugly orange round table that took up too much space!  For this table we customized the measurements to fit in our dining room by literally taping of the space that we wanted it to take up.

I recovered the chairs with a cream colored fabric, which seems scary when you have a five year old running around, but I found a clear plastic "fabric" at Joanns and I placed it right over the fabric on his chair as I recovered.  So far he has spilled and dropped food at probably every meal, but the seat remains immaculate!   And I love the serene feel of the light colors.

Here are the plans we used from Ana White: DIY Farmhouse Table

We also built this console table to match the farm table (left above).  We modified it to be as tall as we could stand, that way it would fill space on our tall, long wall.  I love our vaulted ceilings, but MAN! They are hard to work with!

Here is the plan we used for this piece from Liz Marie (I love her blog!!):  DIY Farmhouse Console
Both are stained with natural and provincial.

 We also found our farmhouse chandelier at Menards (right above)- right on the store floor- no need for ordering.  It was only 150ish dollars and it has two tiers!  We love it!

That Awkward Space Between Two Rooms

I have had a few people ask about what I did between the living room and the dining room along that long wall and I have finally reached a place where I am fairly happy with the transition space between the living room and the dining room!

I have tried probably 100 different things in this spot, but most just seemed to small or too awkward!  My split level has the added bonus of vaulted ceilings, which I love! But which also sometimes create a problem when decorating because things seem to small or too short.  We have added some height in the living room with our tall fire place and TV to fill the space (I like filling space, but I know it is not for everyone).  And we have added height in the dining room by building our own console table which is taller than anything I found I could buy.

I decided to connect the two rooms with a row of very thick framed pictures (which again fill the space!!!) And below those, I didn't like how bare it was (Do you see my issue with space?) So I decided to place a small chair I recovered with a basket full of our favorite games!  On top of those I placed matching pillows to my couch to bring in lighter tones and to FILL THE SPACE.

And I love it because it creates what I like to think of as another sitting area (yeah it's small, but let me have this!)  I also put the chair's mate on the other side of the console table so that when we have guests I can easily pull those chairs out and place them at each end of my table- which sure beats dragging up our paint spattered war torn folding chairs.  Yeah, it gets real in our house.