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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Master Bedroom Update

The master bedroom has been one of my last priorities, and anyway it seems that once I add something to one room, I feel like it looks so much better than the other rooms so I start adding or making changes to those.  It is a never ending cycle of perfectionism, but I feel like when I look around my house, I am almost completely satisfied (which has not been the case since I became a Pinterest addict). I really just need to do updates for each room.

So anyway, here is my updated master bedroom.  I wanted to create a light and airy space that matches the farmhouse style a little better than the previous set up.  It is still not finished (is anything ever?)  I think I need to update the mirror and consider painting (yeep!) my furniture.  I'm just not ready for that!  Here it is:

The headboard is actually a room divider that I bought on clearance at Home Goods.  My handy husband cut off the top posts with a chop saw and we just pushed the bed up against it to hold it flat and in place against the wall.


  1. Very cute bedroom! My taste is similar to yours and, as luck would have it, my husband and I have an ugly split-level, as well! So, I'm pretty excited to steal some of your ideas!

  2. Love it. Where did you get your bedding?

    1. Thank you! The striped duvet and the pillows are from Ikea. The white ruffle quilt is from Target. :)

    2. I love your headboard! I was on the lookout for old shutters to make one, but I like this better!