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Saturday, November 28, 2015

DIY Christmas Centerpieces

Hello! I hope you had a very thankful weekend as you battled with strangers for more things to be thankful for during black Friday sales!  I know I did!  I don't even know what I bought.  It was absolute madness.  "You get my credit card and you get my credit card!  Everybody gets my credit card!!"  I am afraid to look in my trunk.  

But I can say that I did save money on my centerpieces I used for hosting Thanksgiving dinner.  I had 12 people in this tiny house!!  12!  We had to move the living room furniture out to make way for a table that spanned the width of my entire house!  

Anyway, I always decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving so that my family can see our tree during Thanksgiving as we do not host Christmas.  Therefore my centerpieces which were meant for Thanksgiving are actually for Christmas.  

I created these using Jones soda bottles...and since those are technically groceries I am not going to count them as an expense for this project. :D  I bought 3 packs of candle sticks from the Dollar Tree which cost me a whopping 3 dollars and I used Jute I had on hand to wrap the necks of the bottles.  I grabbed a piece of greenery I had wrapped around my banister and cut 6 pieces from it to decorate the fronts of the bottles.  I sprinkled epsom salt inside.  And presto!  A 3 dollar centerpiece.  

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Christmas Tour

Here is my 'Christmas tour.'  I don't go too crazy during Christmas time so I only have a few pics.  I like to keep it fairly simple so the extra clutter doesn't bother me.  This year I am finally pleased with the result so I thought I'd share.  My house is always a work in progress-especially my holiday decorating.  Here's what I have so far... Hope you like it!