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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Freshening up for Spring

Spring is finally here which means summer vacation is on the horizon!  In the spirit of spring I finally took down my Christmas tree (in march- don't judge) and made way for some springish additions to my lovely abode. 
 I found these floral pillows at Homegoods and bought them convinced I would save them for when we eventually maybe might adopt a daughter- I can dream (about adoption and about having the room to store them-not the children the pillows)!  And then when spring rolled around I pulled these bad boys out and slapped them on the couch and it was like it was made for my living room.  What luck! I am just accidently good at a lot of the things I do apparently.  Or at least I think I am.
 Dan made me this bench for my entry.  The entry has been undergoing decorating construction lately (for like 2 years).  Still, I am not satisfied with it, but when I am I will scream it from the rooftops and create a new post for my updated entry.  It has changed a bit since the last post about it.  
 OMG  I found this leafy vine at Hobby Lobby and I instantly loved it.  I have been obsessing over Fixer Upper because I love everything on that show.  And I especially love the magnolia wreaths!  But when I went to Joanna's shop, they were a little pricey for me.  I have thought about making my own, but whenever I find faux magnolia foliage it's bright green and plasticy.  I've thought about painting them to make them look more like the ones she uses, but it just sounds awful.  

I was losing hope when I ran into this stuff at HL.  It has the same colors as those wreaths I admire so much and it is a similar shape.  I bought probably all of them that day and strung them all over my house.  It might look a little crazy, but I am loving how fresh it feels.  I have even made a wreath out of them- which I will post soon.  And it looks similar enough for me to love it!  And it cost me under 15 dollars!
 There's some more of that greenery... it's everywhere see?
 More green- surprisingly not the stuff I was just obsessing about.  We painted this little table and it fits perfectly in that spot at the top of the stairs- sort of like another mini entryway.  I seriously think it is made out of cardboard- I bought it from Lakeside I think about 5 years ago for 30 bucks, painted it, and changed out the knobs.  It has held up surprisingly and I still love it.  It is mini, which is perfect for my fun-sized house.

 Well that's it for now.  Hopefully I will get that entry fixed up and post it soon.  William's room has undergone a few changes- I will get those up as soon as I can also.  AND THE BASEMENT IS ALMOST FINISHED!!  Woot Woot!  I am attempting to do an industrial man cave down there.  So far it's been interesting.  I am definitely out of my element!  And everything has to be approved by the hubby- which is even more constraining.  Hopefully I will get that up soon! 

My Christmas Surprise: A Planked Wall

My husband surprised me on Christmas morning with a planked wall above my door!  I love the shiplap look (thank you Fixer Upper!), but we can't really afford to do it in any abundance so we decided planking the wall above the front door would give that feeling in our living room without breaking the bank.  

He arranged for me to go to my grandmother's house to help cook for Christmas dinner and while I was doing that he built the wall as fast as he could.  We came home late that night and even though he had covered it with gift wrap I didn't even see it!  It was such an awesome surprise.  
That space above the door has always been frustrating.  It was too dark and I wasn't sure what to hang there- a mirror is not appropriate, pictures looked too small in the space, lamps look ridiculous and impractical, baskets aren't accessable...  But finally I am happy with it and I feel it all works now.  Thank you Dan!!

New Windows

We got new windows!  I want to sing it from the rooftops!  I convinced my husband to go for it and since he is a sucker for energy efficiency he agreed!  Thank you rotting wood!  Our house is now less drafty and it looks so much more charming.  Maybe I should change the blog name to My Charming
Split-level... Nah. :)

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