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Saturday, April 16, 2016

My Christmas Surprise: A Planked Wall

My husband surprised me on Christmas morning with a planked wall above my door!  I love the shiplap look (thank you Fixer Upper!), but we can't really afford to do it in any abundance so we decided planking the wall above the front door would give that feeling in our living room without breaking the bank.  

He arranged for me to go to my grandmother's house to help cook for Christmas dinner and while I was doing that he built the wall as fast as he could.  We came home late that night and even though he had covered it with gift wrap I didn't even see it!  It was such an awesome surprise.  
That space above the door has always been frustrating.  It was too dark and I wasn't sure what to hang there- a mirror is not appropriate, pictures looked too small in the space, lamps look ridiculous and impractical, baskets aren't accessable...  But finally I am happy with it and I feel it all works now.  Thank you Dan!!

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