Join us on our journey to making this ugly-split level a home that we can learn to love, one DIY project at a time.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

William's Room Updated

Well I have updated W's room with a little homework table and a 'mud room' drop of station by his door.  I don't dare call it a mud room area in my house or my boy will have mud in there before I can blink.  He is VERY literal. :)  Say hello to Piper, our pooch, also!  Here's the room and the pooch and the boy:

And William says hello. :)

Fall Living Room

Here is what I have done so far in the living room to cozy it up for fall.  Still is a work in progress. :)

Fall Dining Room

Right now my house is a mish-mash of Halloween and fall decorations.  I just can't commit to exclusively decorating for Halloween!  So I've got some Harvest junk and some spooky stuff.  In my dining room everything is Harvest except for the table runner, which you will see has little spiders on it.  Not sure if this is a faux pas, but I'm doing it anyway.

Simple Halloween Entry

Well this year I am not loving my Halloween decor in the entry.  I have changed out some of the pieces and now I don't know how to decorate them.  It's driving me a little crazy and now I feel I need to put another plank wall in the entry to rectify the situation!

But here it is anyway. I think I'll be able to do more for fall decor- maybe...  I may have to get a larger white coat rack.  Maybe I'll build one.

More Planks for the End of the Hall

Hello! I finally convinced my husband to put more wood on our walls! After the plank wall above our front door turned out so awesome I was inspired to find more small places to board up my walls.  It was so inexpensive and it had such a huge impact on the way our living room feels.  So we decided to put up some more at the end of the hallway.  

This one was not as easy because my husband had to take off all the trim around the doors before he installed the wood.  Still, it only took a day over the weekend so not too bad for a huge impact.

I had to change the mirror out because the silver rimmed one got lost against the white and just didn't have any pizzaz.  I found it at Home Goods.

Before we added the wood the end of the hall looked like this:


Sunday, October 16, 2016

Basement in Progress

I had a few people request to see the basement and how we dealt with the awkwardness of the split-level layout so I decided to take some pics of our basement in progress- which really bugs me because I am a PERFECTIONIST! ...It's bad.

So I am taking a deep breath and soon I will click upload on these pics. *cringe.  They are not the finished product so keep that in mind.  I can do this.  I can do this...

This is the down stairs entry.  It used to be open, but my husband wanted a way to keep the noise in/out so we put in a half french door since there isn't really room for a regular one and we didn't want it to block out light from the window.  

The door to the right is the closet under the stairs to give you a better idea of what you are looking at.

 I have thought about a small sort of bench beneath the HIS rack, but I'm not sure it would fit.  Maybe a boot rack?  There is just no room in a Split!

This was all wood panels before we put in dry wall.  It was challenging because it had a drop ceiling.  You can see that we had to box out some junk in the ceiling- I don't know the technical lingo for what's up there.

This is Dan's area so he gets to pick what it is used for and he has to approve all the decor.  It's really a strain on our relationship.  Haha!

I am not a fan of fish tanks, but he loves it.  And I suppose he's got to be happy too! :)

The back wall with the pictures has a closet behind it.  The room was originally longer, but due to our lack of storage we decided to box it out for some extra storage space.  It really makes the difference.  You cannot see the door that is to the right of that weight machine.

 I am allowed to have pillows in the basement- BUT ONLY TWO.  I have tried for more, but they just end up in strange places upstairs anytime I try to add them.

We ordered the map from Society 6.

 The shelves are still in progress as well.  The boards at the top are going to go up the sides of the TV, but are not finished yet.

My husband threw some extra junk I had lying around on the shelves and I have to say it doesn't look half bad!  Good job husband.

We are going for that industrial pipe shelf look.

 Well that's all for now.  I'll keep you updated when there are changes.  Hopefully by spring it will be looking a little bit more polished.  Loving it so far!