Join us on our journey to making this ugly-split level a home that we can learn to love, one DIY project at a time.

Monday, April 30, 2018

Dining Room

The dining room furniture has pretty much stayed the same, but we did get a wild hair one day and we decided to do a little board and batten on this wall also!  I LOVE it.  If you have a split, or even an open concept house like mine, usually you have a wall that is really long that goes into your living and dining room.  This wall in my house was especially big because I have vaulted ceilings.

I have fought with this wall for 10 years, never really happy with it because nothing could make the space seem balanced.

Finally, though we found a solution to the problem when we decided to slap some more wood on the wall.  I used the cheap stuff again which meant lots of putty.  We still have to trim out the bottom with the square edged wood, but it looks alright so I'm taking my time with that next project. 😜

Here is a pic of the old brown.  Look at how much stuff there was!  Am I becoming a minimalist? 

Oh and I bought these new chairs at Target the other day.  I've wanted new chairs for a while, but I could never find anything in my budget.  I found these farmhouse looking mid-century modern chairs in the patio section.  They are meant for outside, but they are sooooo cute.  They were only 31 bucks on sale which right up my ally so I grabbed them.

The only down side is my husband doesn't like that they are not cushy like the other chairs.  I'm thinking about making some cushions for them, but that sounds like an awful lot of work.  We'll see what I can find.  I'll post those soon!

Have the best day of your life.

The Living Room Update

I feel like it has been forever since I've posted, which is good and bad.  Good because I have lots of changes.  Bad because it means I've been lazy.  Well, not really.  Just living life.  Sometimes I think I'll just throw all my social media stuff away because it distracts me from what's really important.  But then I see that Instagram logo on my phone and it calls to me!

Anyway...  So I've made quite a few changes to the living room since I've posted about it last.  I've been really feeling this boho modern vibe that is everywhere now so I tried to un-farmhouse it a bit and add a skosh of (my interpretation of) modern boho farmhouse.  Is that a thing?  And skosh is the best word.  I love using it in my classroom.  Everyone giggles.  That's why I teach, so I can feel funny even when I'm not.

This is now at the top of our stairs.  I found this awesome black cabinet at Home Goods that is super skinny, but also has lots of roomy storage for gloves and hats and junk.

 We decided to paint the walls light, which made me really nervous, but I really like how it turned out.  I feel like I have more freedom to change things out easier since a lot more goes with this neutral color.  I'm also loving the way that light wood looks against it.  And my chandelier.  I love it again.  😍  Well, I shouldn't say again.  I never liked it, but now I know it was because it was against the big brown wall!  Now it's just peachy in my book. 
 The other side of the living room is still very similar to how it has been.  I am in the process of updating it to be more "modern."  I actually got new modern looking sconces that I just had Dan install and now I'm looking at them while I type this and I hate them.  I know when I tell him I want them down he is going to be so mad.  But he should be used to me by now.  😜

Here is the space between the living room and dining room.  I tried to make it more hippie-ish.  Don't I look cool with all my records (that I actually took from my mom's house-I don't even know what's there, but don't tell anyoneπŸ˜‰)?  Well, one of the records is mine so I'm legit. 

 I will do another update on the fireplace once I get that area figured out.  Have the best day of your life.


Wednesday, February 14, 2018

I am still alive!

Well, howdy!  I know it has been maybe years since I've posted on this thing (so sorry), but I am still alive, mercifully. 

I do intend to get better at this thing, but teaching is hard y'all.  Seriously.  I spend so much time outside of the regular school day, on weekends, at night... getting stuff done.  Plus, I have had some health issues that have given me anxiety issues that have kept me away as well.  Getting old sucks (but it is a privilege that I am grateful for)!

Anyway, I am thinking maybe I am starting to be in a place where I have a lot already done at school (as it is my 3rd year in 3rd) and I have (hopefully) resolved some of my health issues- which means I might have a little bit of extra free time to devote to this thing and more projects.

Actually I have a TON of new projects to share because I have changed just about everything but the kitchen in my house.  The walls are now light, I have board and batten in the dining and entry, we built a coat rack into our entryway, I bought and stained a new front door (craftsman style because why not?), we added craftsman style trim around our doors and doorways, a complete bedroom makeover, etc. 

So I am planning on taking some pictures (on my not so nice camera-forgive me) and uploading some new posts with all of our projects.

Here is a sneak peak at some of the stuff I've done from my instagram account: